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ROTBTD AU » Teen Titans
"If I am not your "girlfriend" then what am I?!"
"Maaaaaaaybe this isn’t the best time?"

Bonus gif for Jack and Hiccup’s mental conversation:


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why i ship the thing:

  • because i do

why i don’t ship that thing:

  • because i don’t

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What pisses me off the most, is that Blaine made clear that he likes to feel that he is “more manful” than Kurt. He made it seem like he sees Kurt as a girl. And Jesus Christ, what kind of boyfriend is that? Instead of being happy because Kurt is not insecure about his body anymore, he was freaking jealous! What a selfish person. What an unhealthy relationship. What a terrible character. What a disrespectful storyline. Shame on you, Glee. I actually can’t believe this is the same show that won Golden Globes and Emmys. The same show who said that doesn’t matter if you are gay, bi, straight, fat, skinny, black, white, short or tall, you matter. Because the show I watched tonight made me think that Kurt, that sweet, innocent and effeminate Kut from season one and two was not attractive, and that a guy who hangs out with girls is less of man than a guy who likes football and hangs out with straight guys. Wow, that’s really, really disrespectful and annoying and shouldn’t be supported in a show that is, or was, as huge as Glee.

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