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A 27 year old female from Norway trying to figure life out. You will find a lot of different things on my blog, including Doctor Who, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, anti-klaine/blaine, feminism, tattoos (also a whole lot of other stuff) In general I love books and read anything, and I write both regular fiction and fanfiction.

I love Big Sean…I knew him a lot, I knew him very well when [he and Naya] were together […] I remember one time I was joking with him that we were gonna do our own album together. It was gonna be ‘Big Sean and Little C’ and I think I terrified him because I don’t think he realized I was kidding, but then I was like ‘Oh Big Sean, I’m kidding, I’m not gonna–I understand I’m not going to do an album with you. Don’t worry, don’t worry.’

—Chris Colfer [x] (via chriscolfernews)

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